1. To install the new font

    a Start -> setting -> control panel -> font
    b Start -> setting -> control panel -> font -> install new font
    c Start -> control panel -> font -> install new font
    d Start -> setting -> font

    this question’s answer is “c”, but it shows “b” why???

    • There was no ‘Control Panel’ directly in Start menu but inside Settings menu. So that was the question. But these days, it’s been completely irrelevant.

  2. Command Interpreter is also known as
    a. Prompt
    b. Shell
    c. Command
    d. DOS Prompt
    (we are really confuse to define all the above option to get correct answer)

    • Prompt or DOS Prompt is simply a place from where DOS accepts user commands. A command is an instruction to ask DOS to perform something. Shell is the part of operating system (DOS) that offers interface to users. In MS DOS, there’s a file called that acts as a shell for DOS operating system.

      Prompt and DOS Prompt are same thing. Command is just an instruction to ask DOS do something. So, shell is the correct answer for that question.

    • There was some problem in site and it was not displaying results. So I had to disable quiz for some time but now I’ve fixed it. Now, you should see the tests and it works fine. Please let me know if you face any other problem.

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  4. sir please check set 2 question no 6 , which command is used to close active window ? alt +f4 or ctrl +f4 ? there is ctrl +f4 right ans. is it ok ?

    • Ctrl + F4 is to close Window.
      Alt + F4 is to close Application.

      Some application can operate with multiple windows and if you need to close active window without exiting from application, you should press Ctrl+F4.

  5. Press the ….button to have the window fill the entire screen
    none of the above
    Dear sir, Quiz shows correct answer is minimize but i think Maximize how minimize is correct?

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