HTML MCQ Questions – Quiz Set 04

This is the fourth set of MCQ Questions HTML and Web Designing. I hope you’ll find this set equally useful as previous ones. I’ve tried to present best possible questions.

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MCQ Questions HTML can be truly useful if you are participating in any kind of competitive exams. This will draw your attention to different aspects of Hypertext Markup Language and Web designing allowing you to feel your strength and areas where you should work harder.

MCQ Questions HTML

MCQ Questions HTML

This quiz contains 10 MCQ Questions HTML, each with 4 options. There is one and only one correct answer for every question. You can mark your selection by clicking on radio button against correct answer. Click on ‘Show Result’ button when you finish answering all the questions.

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1. What is an ISP?


2. Which of the following is a container tag?


3. The common element which describes the web page is


4. What manages the hypertext links that are used to navigate the web?


5. This is a networking device that passes data between networks having similar functions but dissimilar implementations.


6. What is the correct syntax in HTML for creating a link on a webpage?


7. <TITLE></TITLE> tag must be within….


8. Which of the following is correct character entities for "Copyright" symbol?


9. <UL> … </UL> tag is used to ________


10. HTML document can contain


11. What is an ISP?


12. Outlook Express is a _________


13. Whichg of the following is used to create web pages?


14. Which of the following is not an example of browser?


15. Which HTML Tag will use to scroll a text in web page?


16. Which of the following is not a style tag?


17. FTP is an acronym for


18. Who is the primary author of HTML?


19. How many heading tags are supported by HTML?


20. Which of the following is correct to align H1 tag to Right Alignment




MCQ Sets is a huge collection of multiple choice questions. We pay special attention to the kind and quality of questions so that only the probable ones are selected. At the same time, we are careful about the correctness of the answers. We believe we’ve avoided the errors but however, if you notice any mistake in the set, please comment below by copying the question. We’ll immediately check and correct it.

HTML MCQ Question is our attempt to compose and collect all the possible questions from hypertext markup language and  web designing. HTML MCQ Questions attempts to cover the topic from HTML such as general introduction and structure of HTML document, essential and useful HTML tags, various attributes possible to use with those tags, HTML document formatting, Inserting images, tables, frames, HTML forms and so on. Similarly HTML MCQ Questions also covers the web designing topics such as scripts, web servers, web programming languages, different technologies used in web designing and so on.

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  1. chandra says

    Dear MCQ Sets,

    Which of the following is a container tag?

    (( but body is also a container tag))
    This question I didn’t find in PDF file.

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