Download MS Excel MCQ Bank – PDF File

Download Microsoft Excel MCQ Bank

We are happy to offer this MS Excel MCQ Bank to download for our regular readers. The bank is presented as PDF file, so, you’ll need a PDF reader installed in your computer. Alternatively, your browser may be able to open the file if you are using Google Chrome or Firefox.

MS Excel MCQ Bank contains 368 multiple choice questions with four options each. For every question there is one and only one correct answer.

The PDF file is optimized for printing. I selected A4 sized paper as it is most commonly used paper size and minimum margin. We love to save printing, don’t we? The content is arranged in two columns to avoid paper wastage and text size is 9 points so that I could fit all the content in minimum number of pages I could use.

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The content in MS Excel MCQ Bank is well formatted. There are no pages containing orphan paragraph, so, even if you get any page missing, it won’t be a huge loss. Equally, if you get only one page, that too will be of great use!

MS Excel MCQ Bank contains a total of 25 pages including the 3 cover pages.

How to download the file?

Simply fill up the form on the right to subscribe to MCQ Set [takes maximum one minute]. Once your subscription is successfully completed, you’ll redirected to download page.


The current version of file contains corrected answer for Q. No. 138. The answer was mistakenly marked to be ‘b’ in earlier version and now it is corrected to ‘c’.


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