Microsoft Word Questions #3 – Why do you use headers & footers in documents?

Why do you use a header or footer in your document?

This is another simple question which I saw many are confused!

The text in header and footer are different than the regular text; or it may not have anything to do with the current story going in on that page. However headers and footers are considered useful as it offers you an opportunity to utilize the unused space otherwise and present some information that may be useful for the readers to identify.


Usually, the name of book, author’s name, page number, document created date/time, the name of current chapter or section etc are displayed on the header or footer.

The concept is simple and very obivous but it can confuse you when it is asked in multiple choice questions with weird options, such as:

Q. Headers and footers are used in document

a. To make your document more presentable

b. To add a title at the beginning of page

c. To display book name, author’s name

d. To print headers and footers in document

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